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Wild Birds Unlimited in Toronto DOES NOT recommend the use of hot pepper treated products

Hot Pepper Treated Products - Capsaicin a Personal Choice

As per Jim Carpenter (Founder of Wild Birds Unlimited) in his new book "The Joy of Bird Feeding" (Pg 243)
"...Although the anecdotal evidence to date strongly suggests that birds are unharmed by capsaicin-treated foods, there is still no empirical data proving that capsaicin is safe for all feeder birds..."

Capsaicin Information Links

University of Nebraska – Internet Centre for Wildlife Damage Management

"...further studies of the long-term effects of birds ingesting hot seed are needed...""squirrels+and+capsaicin"


Cornell Lab of Ornithology

"...Squirrels (and other mammals) may be deterred from consuming birdseed treated with capsaicin, the chemical that makes peppers “hot.” Many commercial products are coated with capsaicin, but we are unaware of any research examining the effect of high doses of capsaicin on birds. Although capsaicin may not negatively affect wild birds, we discourage adding any products to bird foods that have not been thoroughly tested..."


National Pesticide Information Society

"...Capsaicin is considered toxic to honeybees and other beneficial insects..."