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We are excited to introduce a new product line which we feel is a great compliment to our Save the Songbird product lines and initiatives. The company is called Fahlo and they

"...partner with non-profit organizations to create bracelets that come with a real animal to track. We started this mission in 2018, and since have been fortunate to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to save wildlife. By combining a tangible bracelet and interactive tracking experience, our goal is to educate customers about wildlife and excite them about conservation."

Fahlo has partnered with the following wildlife organizations:

  • Sea Turtle Conservancy
  • Save The Elephants
  • Polar Bears International
  • Saving The Blue

Learn more about Fahlo and these amazing bracelets at Help Save Wildlife

You Can Help

Purchase a wildlife tracking bracelet for $19.99 and 10% of the profits are donated to the designated wildlife organization. You get a stylish bracelet that represents your wildlife choice. Each bracelet is on a display card with tracking info hidden until you open the card and then there will be a little QR code on the card. Simply open up your iPhone or Android camera and point it at the QR code. A notification will pop up for you to click on that will take you to your interactive map!

The 2020 Donations

Through its partnerships, in 2020 Fahlo donated $362,784 to various wildlife organizations. Fahlo raised $237,636 for the Sea Turtle Conservancy, $8,111 for the Orca Research Trust, and $101,720 for Save The Elephants. In November 2020, Fahlo began their partnership with Polar Bears International and raised $10,297.

Some colour examples of the bracelets. Each wildlife bracelet has additional colour options. You can see the colour options on the Fahlo webpage.



Tracking an Elephant                                                                                           Tracking a Shark

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