Seed Cylinders

How Cool is That! - Seed Cylinders

Wild Birds Unlimited Seed Cylinders

A granola bar for your birds! Made of great ingredients - healthy and irresistible for your birds.

These cylinders are clean, neat and tidy.  Try a new flavor today!

Available in a large variety of irresistible flavours - find your birds favourite today!



A Berry Good Food for Attracting Birds

Our Cranberry Seed Cylinders are packed with pecans, sunflower chips, peanuts, safflower, black oil sunflower and cranberries - everything you need to get lots of birds to visit your backyard.

Try offering one in a Seed Cylinder Feeder or Dinner Bell feeder.


The Bird Food Tube

Packed with pecans, peanuts, black oil and sunflower chips, our Supreme Seed Cylinders entice a  large variety of birds.

Put one in our Dinner Bell feeder and watch your birds chow down.



A Deluxe Seed Cylinder
Looking for a new and convenient way to attract more birds to your feeders? Our Deluxe Fare Seed Cylinders are packed with pecans, peanuts, black oil and striped sunflower seeds, safflower and millet to attract a greater variety of birds. Try our seed cylinders on a ground tray feeder, use a wire hanger designed for seed cylinders, or use it in our Dinner Bell feeder. They're delicious to your neighborhood birds.