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When we read the article in the Cornell Labs August 2019 Living Bird Magazine,"Vanishing: More Than 1 in 4 Birds Has Disappeared in the Last 50 Years" we were shocked and greatly concerned. We don't notice the declining bird populations described on a day to day basis or even over a number of years. When scientists analyzed the data the results were obvious, 

“We were astounded by this net loss across all birds on our continent, the loss of billions of birds,” said Cornell Lab of Ornithology conservation scientist Ken Rosenberg, who led an international team of scientists from seven institutions in the analysis of population trends for 529 bird species."

Standardized bird-survey data sets involving long-term population monitoring data from 1970 to 2020 were analyzed. It is scary to realize that for any of us alive in 1970, one in four birds has disappeared in our lifetime.

As bird enthusiasts we know it is our responsibility to keep this issue in the forefront as much as possible. During this time period the Covid-19 pandemic by necessity must take the spotlight but we must remain aware that our actions will continue to add to this problem and we can even now make some changes to help slow the loss of our birds. We have always been advocates for citizen science, the data we and many other research stations throughout North America helped collect through bird research (bird banding) was a part of the data sets analyzed. We have been selling Shade-Grown Coffee, recycled plastic bird feeders and products to make your windows safe for many years. But now, knowing we have still lost 25% of our birds we want to try and do more.

Finding environmentally friendly products to sell in our store became part of our product purchasing mandate for 2020. We have brought in a small selection of new environmentally friendly products that we think can even be a benefit during this period of needed social distancing.

New environmentally friendly products include:

Abeego - The Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap that Breathes 

Sweddish Dish Cloth - Replace paper towels

Reuseable and Recyclable Straws

For more details on these products - Help the Birds - Environmentally Friendly Products

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