Fun and Easy Bird Feeding the Neat and Tidy Way

If you want to continue or start your bird feeding hobby for the fall and winter months to help with your mental well being but are concerned about some of the bird food ending up on the ground, we have developed a Neat and Tidy feeding method. This feeding method is also perfect for cold days.

The basis for our Neat and Tidy bird feeding is our exclusive line of seed cylinders and seed cylinder feeders. Filling the seed cylinder feeder is fast and easy. Unwarp the seed cylinder in the house and then just drop the seed cylinder into the feeder. No standing in the cold pouring seed and no worrying about spilled seed on the ground. Just pop the lid and drop! 
Seed Cylinders
Seed cylinders are our exclusive regional seed blends that have been mixed with a bird safe edible gelatin into a solid cylinder of bird seed with a small hole through the centre. The birds have to peck at the cylinder to get the seed they want vs lose seed that allows a bird to sort through and push/dig through the seed with their beak which can result in bird seed falling to the ground. The solid seed cylinder prevents the birds from pushing around the seed which results in very little if any seed falling to the ground. We recommend our seed cylinders without shells to allow the cleanest feeding set-up possible.

Seed Cylinder Feeders
Seed cylinder feeders come in various styles, some with trays, cylinder holder "spike", cylinder holder cage or both or all three options. The seed cylinder hole through the centre allows the seed cylinder to be placed in feeders that have a "spike" to hold the seed cylinder in place. We recommend the use of seed cylinder feeders with a tray and the very little seed on the ground becomes practically zero.

Based on our large selection of seed cylinders and cylinder feeders in store we can recommend the tidiest set-up for your backyard bird feeding enjoyment. And what a great time to take advantage of our Neat and Tidy feeding methods with our bird food and seed cylinder feeder sale in progress.


Seed Cylinder Feeder                                                    Exclusive Winter SuperBlend Seed Cylinder