Attract Insect-eating Birds to Your Yard with Mealworms

Numerous birds regularly eat insects as part of their diet. In fact, almost 80% of the world's bird families include some insects in their diet.

You can attract birds, such as wrens, chickadees, bluebirds, titmice, mockingbirds, robins, thrushes, thrashers, catbirds, woodpeckers and occasionally, certain warblers to your yard by offering mealworms. For best results, be sure to use a smooth-walled feeder when offering live mealworms. We also have dried mealworms so you can offer your birds a snack any time.

Feeding Live Mealworms

How the Live Mealworms Are Packed
The live mealworms are packed in a plastic lidded container that contains a food based substrate. 
How to Feed Live Mealworms
Remove the mealworms with the substrate and place in your feeder. Place smaller amounts until your birds become more active at the feeder. 
Feeder Type for Live Mealworms
Dish and tray style feeders with a one inch lip or more will work best. Mealworms may crawl out of shallow containers. 
Care of Live Mealworms
Live mealworms should be kept refrigerated until you are ready to place them in a feeder. Keeping the mealworms in the refrigerator reduces their activity and they will last up to four weeks or more.
Ordering Live Mealworms
To order live mealworms you must call the store - 416-233-3558. Live mealworms are only available for curbside pick-up or Social Distancing Delivery.
Please note: warm/hot conditions can reduce the life span of the mealworms.



     Couronne Glass - $19.99                 Couronne Glass with Cover - $29.99            Flying Start Feeder with Mealworm/Treat Tray - $29.98

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