Nature Happenings

  • Project Feeder Watch starts on November 01 and extends until April, Project FeederWatch - Bird Studies Canada
  • Common Loons and Tundra Swans begin to appear.
  • Many backyard birds such as cardinals, chickadees house finch, woodpeckers etc. form food foraging flocks to find food
  • Numbers swell for wintering owls such as Saw-whet, Long-eared and Short-eared Owls.
  • Eastern Monarch Butterflies reach their central Mexican overwintering sites starting in November.
  • Beavers are very active in the evenings while caching a winter supply of food.
  • Waterfowl migration peaks this month. Go to local parks along Lake Ontario to see many species of ducks. Parks such as Humber Bay East, Colonel Sam Smith Park, Marie Curtis Park and LaSalle Marina (Burlington) are very good for waterfowl viewing
  • Open water is important if there's an early freeze. Put out heated bird baths for a winter water source.
  • Bald Eagle migration peaks.
  • Leonid meteor shower is mid-month, about the 17 and 18. Leonid meteor show timetable

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