Feed The Birds: Attract And Identify 196 Common North American Birds

By Chris Early

"Informative and practical... This guide, filled with richly colorful photos, is enthusiastically recommended for birders, bird watchers, and anyone else who cares about birds'' role in our precariously fragile environment." - Booklist

Feeding birds is growing in popularity and is enjoyed by over 50 million North Americans each year.

Feed the Birds is designed as a resource for beginners and experienced birdwatchers alike. Covering 196 bird species that are attracted to backyard bird feeders, this book helps the reader not only attract and identify birds but also understand their behavior and adaptations to the environment. A wide variety of feeders and seed types are presented with helpful tips on how to attract the largest variety of birds.

Each profile for the 196 featured species includes a variety of photographs, an identification guide, a range map, information on bird seed and natural food preferences, and behavior. Other topics include:

Why feeding birds is important    Building do-it-yourself feeders    Foiling squirrels    Attracting birds with natural foods and water    Building shelters and nest boxes    Involving children
Photographing birds    Recognizing individual birds and identifying similar-looking species    Growing plant varieties that make a garden attractive to birds.

The book also contains information on how to choose the right seeds; the importance of ensuring all windows are bird-safe (with links to organizations that work to reduce bird-window collision); cat-friendly deterrents; and citizen science activities like the annual Christmas Bird Count and Project Feederwatch. Feed the Birds is a complete guide that should be near every bird enthusiast''s window.

Endorsed by Wild Birds Unlimited in Toronto and the Canadian Wildlife Federation.

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