Raptors - Live Birds of Prey - In Store

Wild Ontario will be joining us in store on Saturday, November 11 will be Wild Ontario. They will be bringing live birds of prey with them. You will get to see four magnificent birds of prey (raptors) close up. The trained volunteers will,be able to answer your questions about these birds and of course bring your camera for photos. Check out the Wild Ontario website

In the past these raptors have been in the store:


Artemis - American Kestral
Species Information: American Kestrel

Range: North America south of the tree line, much of South America.

Habitat: Likes open spaces like farmland and prairie, but can be found in urban environments.

Diet: Mostly small birds, rodents and insects. Can hunt on the ground or in the air.

Fun Fact: North America's smallest falcon, weighing about the same as a chocolate bar!


Einstein Great-horned OWl
Species Information: Great Horned Owl

Range: North America south of the tree line, parts of Central and South America.

Habitat: Nearly anywhere with trees - forest, farmland, urban parks and ravines.

Diet: Almost anything! Mostly mammals and birds, but also reptiles, amphibians, insects and fish.

Fun Fact: Incredibly powerful! Can catch, kill and carry prey over 3 times its own body weight!


Whistler Broad-winged Hawk
Species Information: Broad-winged Hawk

Range: Most of eastern North America. Migrates to Central and South America in winter.

Habitat: Likes dense forest, far away from people.

Diet: Any small animal it can catch, especially frogs, insects and rodents.

Fun Fact: Migrates south in huge numbers - over 700 000 have been seen in a single day!


Live in Store

Saturday, November 11, 2017

12 pm to 4 pm