Are Your Optics Ready For Spring Migration

The peak of spring migration is right around the corner. Are you ready? Have you recently looked through your binoculars or spotting scope to make sure you are getting great image quality? Use this checklist to help you determine if your optics need an upgrade.

Image Quality

1. High Contrast
- The distinct separation of the light and dark transitions of an object.
- The image will “pop”, almost a 3D effect.
- Low contrast images tend to be dull and flat.
2. Light Intensity
- More light thru the binoculars results in a bright clearer image.
- Less light thru the binoculars results in a darker image.
3. Edge Sharpness
- The image should be sharp from edge to edge.
- Edges should not be fuzzy or slightly blurry.
4. Resolution
- The optics should have the ability to clearly separate out the tiniest of details.
- You should easily make out fine feather details.

How do you know if you are getting the best image? To know and appreciate excellent image quality you need to look through a pair of binoculars that are known to provide best in class image quality. Bring your optics to our store and do some side by side comparisons.

Our goal is to help you make the best decision. Your optics could be very good and to get that noticeable image quality improvement the cost could be well out of your current budget but optics that offer a slight improvement are within budget. We will help you go through the pros and cons of making a current purchase versus a future purchase.

Always remember the cardinal rule of purchasing optics - Try Before You Buy.

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Happy Birding!

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