How to Prepare Your Yard for Winter

As fall rolls out and winter prepares to roll in, there are several ways you can prepare your yard to help your visiting birds during the coldest time of the year.

EcoClean Seed Tube FeederTake Stock of Feeders

During winter, birds need high calorie foods to keep their little bodies warm, especially during cold nights. Now is the perfect time to clean and repair your feeders and replace any that cannot be fixed.

Clean your feeders with warm, soapy water, and sanitize them with a 10% bleach solution. If you’re looking to replace a feeder, try a Wild Birds Unlimited Quick-Clean™ Feeder. These feeders are very easy to clean.

Provide Shelter

Cold winds strip heat from birds very quickly. Birds will seek refuge from the wind in dense vegetation or in extremes natural cavities. Add a natural brush pile to your yard to provide an additional location for safety and shelter. 

WBU Heated Bird BathOffer Water

Birds need water in winter to maintain their feathers for effective insulation. Use a heated bird bath or add a heater to your existing concrete, plastic, metal or stone bird bath. This will help make some water available even on the coldest day. Some concrete baths with an added heater may not be able to handle freezing weather. To be safe, place a plastic bird bath dish with a heater on the existing pedestal.

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